Sketchlab | RISD Graphic Design Thesis

Sketch Collaboration and Dispersion Over the Internet

For my senior thesis, I was determined to try and build my own web application. I felt that I needed the experience and knowledge of developing something that could potentially be used by people to validate my position as a UX designer. In a few quick and stressful months, I attempted to design and develop Sketchlab. 

Snap a quick picture of your sketch

Users can quickly take a photo of their physical sketch using their webcam. They can also crop and edit some values of the picture on the same page.


Share your lab page

Each picture taken will have its own dedicated lab. Users can share this page with their friends, where they can add to the original sketch.


Anyone can add to your sketch!

Using the on-site drawing interface, friends and strangers alike can interpret the sketch however they like and create a new, collaborative piece.

Do you know how to code?

Because I didn't, but tried to build Sketchlab on my own anyways. I learned PHP, Javascript, and MySQL to get this thing up and running. I also did some heavy brushing up on HTML/ CSS. There are probably many things wrong with the actual site. Please keep in mind that this was very much a learning experience. 


Initially, I was inspired by internet memes and communities. It fascinated me how strangers on the web share thoughts upon which other strangers react and build upon in a spark of creativity. Sketchlab was a translation of that sort of community, but for artists who enjoy communicating through sketches. All in all, this was an interesting and valuable experiment for me in that I acquired some programming/ developing skills and got some insight into how UX designers should communicate with their fellow engineers.

Presentation Day